March → May 2020

Getting Started

Several meetings are held to discuss development pressures in the West End, developing Design Guidelines similar to East Rockville and researching design guideline materials from other jurisdictions.

September → November 2020

Continued Meetings and Discussion

WECA general membership meeting is held and feedback is gathered on design guidelines from the East Rockville Civic Association. WECA continues to meet with City staff and requests that the City and WECA collaborate to produce design guidelines for the West End.

December 2020 → August 2021

Policy guidance set through the Planning Area 4 Neighborhood Plan along with the adoption of Rockville's Comprehensive Plan

Staff and WECA attend walking tour with residents in the West End to view the impact of development pressure on the neighborhood. The Mayor and Council approves budget for consulting services to support development of design guidelines. WECA forms a Design Guidelines Committee and provides newsletter to residents inviting interested neighbors to join the committee.

August 2021: The Mayor and Council approves the Planning Area 4 Neighborhood Plan along with the adoption of Rockville's Comprehensive Plan.

September 2021 → February 2022

Design Guidelines Development Process Fully Underway as Collaboration Continues

The WECA Design Guidelines Committee (West End Committee) begins meeting regularly. WECA circulates an additional neighborhood newsletter inviting resident participation. Weekly meetings are held with WECA co-chairs and staff to collaborate on scheduling and potential design guidelines issues. Staff publishes a request for proposal (RFP) for a design consultant to assist with design guidelines.

March → August 2022

Survey, Analysis and Continued Development of Design Guidelines; Design Consultant Joins

The West End Committee collaborates with staff on survey questions and a postcard to alert and invite participation of West End residents to answer questions on issues related to potential design guidelines. City produces and sends out postcard.

May 2022: Survey is administered by WECA and West End households respond to the survey by closing date of May 27, 2022.

West End Committee collaborates with staff on potential components to be included in the design guidelines. The Committee and staff investigate together city policy on Stormwater, Solar, and Trees- topics of strong concern to residents in the survey results. The West End Committee continues to review East Rockville Design Guidelines for items that could potentially transfer being guided by the results of the West End neighborhood survey.

September 2022 → September 2023

Public Presentations/Discussions (see "What's Next?" section)

This timeframe is tentative. Specific dates of meetings and presentations will be provided as they are confirmed.