Wild & Connected

Thank you for so many comments in favor of as little human development as possible. I was surprised to see a totally suburban style plan, not just the infrastructure but the cost to build, staff and maintain. A tax burden for generations. Similar to the bike trails, Rockville needs a park-to-park experience. Many parks are under-used (Maryvale) or have fields with play grounds that could be improved such as by Mark Twain School. If an amphitheater is needed (which I can't imagine), why not at Civic Center Park where there is already parking, bathrooms and space to rehearse? BTW, FS Theater is another under-used facility.

I agree that the absence of being adjacent to Rock Creek Park is a serious flaw. An areal view would show opportunities to connect with the Rock Creek trail and the Hayes Forest Preserve. Markings of trail distance can be small signs, tree blazes and perhaps signs about various native wildlife along with efforts to remove invasive species. Perhaps a pedestrian bridge over Norbek Rd to connect with the undeveloped forest on two-sides and some similar arrangement further along Avery to access trails and both Lake Frank and Needwood.

My final point is the design is 100% car-centric in a time where we "talk" get out of your car & use transit, here is a location with zero transit, poor road access, and limited infrastructure for sewer & water. Adding access via Taft Court only brings slightly better transit access off E. Gude. And, please do not have night activities & bright lights. Let the animals have some peace.

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