red gate future: retain some of existing along with new

suggest city leaders and staff consider the following:

1. try to retain and incorporate the existing golf cart trails which provide a thorough workout due to their changes in elevation with additional trail that are of low/no elevation changes so that people of various abilities can utilize a very special feature of the former golf course.

2. re-purpose the existing "red gate" landscaped sign layout on the lawn just before turning into the parking area before the current club house. repairing the existing bricks, installed white crushed stone background, repair/replace the wood border continues the theme this was a former golf course along with its future use.

3. repurpose as much as possible of the existing structures: club house, deck, restrooms on the course and if possible the hole markers which listed the hole par, length, etc.

4. add as much envrionmentally features as possible: solar (especially solar panels covering parking spaces), water conservation, allow natural vegetation to grow, composting

5. ensure that red gate is a drone free and model air planes zone. while walking the course, last year, we experience several drones operated within the course and it sounded like a swarm of bees. the goal must be maintain a natural environment while limiting the human made environment's mechanical activities, such as motorized devices and remotely controlled noisy flying objects.

6. originally i supported a cultural, program, event area, but after hearing the testimony of others last month i no longer support creation of amphitheater and other event uses. we have the civic center down the road, town square and other parks to handle such events. this reduces the affect on red gate park by limiting wear and tear while supporting the natural environment.

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