Keep RedGate Park as natural as possible

Please keep RedGate Park as natural as possible and with as minimal changes as possible to its current state: e.g. no athletic fields, no playgrounds, no picnic areas, no dog parks, no bike trails, no bright lights which are disturbing to wildlife, no amphitheater and certainly no events like Hometown Holidays which is not appropriate for the park and much better suited for spaces like Rockville Town Center.

While this region already has many other “active” parks for people to participate in sports, playground activities, picnicking, etc., with ever-diminishing wild areas it is vital to allow this park remain as natural as possible- to be enjoyed, valued and appreciated as it already is. More and more urban communities are realizing the importance of preserving their wild spaces- lets have Rockville also be one of them!

For minimum changes, please consider plantings of native wildflowers for butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds, bees, etc. Wildflower meadows in place of mowed grass fields (I see that Milkweed, host plant for the Monarch butterfly, is already growing in several places in the park). Also, some plantings of native trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat and food (e.g. Oaks, native Willows, native Red Mulberries, native Cherries, Elms, Dogwoods, Elderberries, Arrowwood Viburnum, Downy Serviceberry) and particularly plantings to block views of unsightly commercial buildings (e.g. native Hollies and Junipers/eastern Redcedar) which would also provide food and shelter for songbirds.

A few additional benches along paths could be added for peaceful rest and nature watching pleasure.

We already have far too few of these natural spaces left here and their value is immeasurable, not only to wildlife, but also to us.

As so many others have already requested, please keep RedGate Park as natural as possible. Thank you!

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