I agree with "Don't develop and don't host large-crowd events at Redgate"

It's been such a blessing to have this open space to walk in, and to see nature come back on the RedGate Park over the past couple of years. The wind and the clouds and the sun and the wildlife, in any season, give plenty of stimulation and relaxation at the same time.

Public bathrooms are good. Maybe the old clubhouse and the terrace out front can be used for smallish community gatherings.

Keep dogs on a leash, maybe provide for a fenced-in dog park in one area. Otherwise, let us enjoy this semi-wild atmosphere, no floodlights, no sports fields, no expanded parking lot, no ampi-theater which would require all kinds of ancillary facilities and generate amplified noise (ahem, music).

Red Gate is beautiful, and it's been a comfort throughout our Covid lockdown. Just walking, breathing, gazing out, and feeling the wind. Thank you.

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