Don't develop and *don't* host Hometown Holidays at Redgate

Don't develop anything that will deliberately attract large crowds

Don't host Hometown Holidays at Redgate

Keep Redgate WILD

There are improvements in the plan that are beneficial such as the additional of natural, pervious pathways connecting existing paths and offering more level terrain for a less challenging stroll.

Do less work and spend less money. Limit construction and mow less. Keep Redgate WILD. Everyone benefits when nature is left to thrive in the meadow-like environment that attracted the plethora of birds. Do less work and keep the wildlife undisturbed. In 10 or 20 years I'd like to see a park that is natural, not constructed and keeps its beaked and 4-legged residents in focus.

Move the amphitheater to the Civic Center where there's a natural hill, existing electricity, plumbing, shelter and dressing rooms for performers. It has it all.

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